A bit like a crow. Yeah.

Many Native American tribes believe that Crow is the Left-Handed Guardian, meaning that Crows are the keepers of the gateway to the occult. Sounds pretty important to me. If Crow comes into your life you are being asked to walk your talk, speak your Truth, know your life’s mission (uh-oh. I might be in trouble here), and balance past present, and your future selves. Piece of cake, right?

Mysterious. Beautiful. Annoying.

Mysterious. Beautiful. Annoying. When they caw, caw, caw that is. They’re probably trying to tell me something and wondering “How dense can one human-ish woman be???”

2 thoughts on “A bit like a crow. Yeah.

  1. Sis, this is a beautiful drawing of a crow. LOVE how you’ve made swirls on his back. Left-Handed Guardian is interesting – I’m left-handed, does that mean that I’ve got crow-like tendencies? maybe that’s where my crows feet come from?! I’ve always been fond of crows, they were a feature of the rolling East Anglian landscape that I grow up in. Pete had pet crow. It perched on his shoulder and went for walks with him. We don’t see many crows round here. I think the eagles and hawks keep them away which is a shame. There’s plenty of space for everyone!

    • Thanks for dropping by, Sis! Hmm…not sure if crow is where we get our crows feet. If so, those crows have a lot to answer for!!

      We have lots of crows out here. Sometimes we hear them causing quite the racket. Crow wars! I love them regardless. They just do their thing and for some reason seem like they really don’t care what the other birds think of them. Plus they’re so black and pretty. Pretty cool that Pete had one as pet.


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