Dreaming the Moon

…Even the man in the moon disappeared
Somewhere in the stratosphere…

~”Second Chance,” Smith & Bassett of Shinedown

Dreaming the Moon

Dreaming the Moon

Sleepy Cat Mermaids who trust their spells above all, suspicious-and-rightfully-so Sunflower Elves, and stoic Slit-Eyed Bats who never complain about anything.

Baffling Pagan Eggs, not yet ready to hatch, are protected by the buoyant, uncanny, knock-out slumbering Demi-Weird Sun.

Fortunate Stars with Stars-in-Their-Eyes gaze out longingly, and beaming, crafty, mask-wearing, Beak-Billed Clowns float under sunflowers, awaiting their moment to seize.

Absurdly elegant, hungry, yet Full-of-Incongruity Flowers who are too keen on removing themselves far and away from the ground, creep up into the scene, but fool no one.

Apple-flavored, jumbo, exceptionally edible, Carrie-frosted (Carrie does all the frosting here) Sweet-Silvery-Savory Cupcakes sit surrounded in charm, while a few of the audaciously sneaky peer-out as unnamed, unfixed faces, throwing themselves in for good measure. Because of course we all need an audience.

At the Center ebbs-and-flows the much longed-for, oft dreamt-about Mister Highflying Dreaming-the-Moon, whose very presence compels one to ask,

Are we dreaming him or is he dreaming us?

Perhaps Dreaming-The-Moon ended up here in my doodle because he knew it is the one place he can play hide-and-seek with elves and bats, whilst hoovering up excess faerie dust, and gardening intently with Quentin, the Vampire Botanist. I hear Mister Moon makes an excellent punch from the juice of Merrie-Scarrie-Berries with a rumored dash of Sky-High-Blue-Jelly-Jam. I keep meaning to ask him for his recipe. I will have to remember one day.

Welcome to one of my worlds, where Anything and Everyone is allowed to be just what and who they are, for that is always more than enough.

12 thoughts on “Dreaming the Moon

  1. You are on a roll, Madame Intricate. Your world sounds delightful and thank you for sharing it with us. I must confess that I’m very tempted by the ‘Apple-flavored, jumbo, exceptionally edible, Carrie-frosted (Carrie does all the frosting here) Sweet-Silvery-Savory Cupcakes’ and the punch made from Merrie-scarrie- berries. The sky high blue jelly jam sounds rather wonderful too. Perhaps you could send me the recipe ;-)) xoxo

    • Haha! As soon as I get the recipe, you’ll be the first I share it with!

      This is a particularly delightfull world. Some of the places I visit are, quite frankly, dumps! But this one…ahhhh. I could definitely live here. Thanks Lottie for stopping by and commenting xoxo

    • Truly, I thank you. Reading your assessment is a bit stunning. In the nicest of ways.

      That being said, for me nonsense is not the same as silly. I wasn’t meaning to sound self-deprecating. I actually love nonsense. At the same time, I have never equated nonsense with beautiful. A lovely thought.

      • True and i don’t typically think of nonsense and beauty together but yours is truly beautiful so whatever else you call it, it is beautiful ♡

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