The Dirt…

Through a series of mis-fortunistic events, I’ve come to embrace and finally unleash my Inner Doodler. Quite happily, I’m now doodling all over the place.

At my heart, I am a Storyteller. The characters who find their way to me may come out to play in either words or doodles. And that’s pretty much up to them. I actually have very little say in what they say, do, or manifest as.

I really haven’t a clue where these odd characters come from, and the Truth is, it doesn’t matter to me in the least. Why spend my energy trying to figure that out? It would be nice if they let me sleep more than once-in-awhile, but as they keep telling me, sleep is overrated.

Talk about Dreaming My Doodles...

Talk about Dreaming My Doodles…

3 thoughts on “The Dirt…

  1. Ooh, I love your blog and your doodles. Thanks for following me on Twitter, I wouldn’t have discovered you otherwise. I used to doodle a lot, too, at school and in boring meetings. Threw everything out. No boring meetings now, so less doodling 😦

    • So glad you enjoy! It’s always good to make time for doodling or whatever form of relaxation appeals. I am happy that you don’t have to attend any more boring meetings!

      Thanks for stopping by, M.L. 🙂

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