We all have wings

But some of us don’t know why




I am merely the beginning. There are so many more of me. Some of us are asleep. Some of us may as well be asleep, because they have forgotten. And most disheartening, many abandoned this mission long, long ago.

I am merely part of the Whole. The way is clear, even if I am not.

And if I have lost my wings, at least I know why.

Then again.

Perhaps it is as a beautiful soul once suggested: Our wings are in place just simply not visible to our glass-and-grit-filled, foggy, human eyes.



Dancing in My Head…

It hurts too much to be normal. How do people do it? Maybe nobody does. Maybe we’re all suffering inside. Why don’t we just say “F**k it” more often? From now on when you’re feeling afraid to do something that you really, really want to do, take these steps:

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Say “F**k it.” Note: you may have to repeat this step several times. Do not be discouraged. Eventually the “F**k it” sentiment will kick in and you’ll be ready for step 3.

3. Do the thing that you really, really want to do. Despite the fear.

Oh you grinning Fool

Oh you grinning Fool